An archaic financial system riddled with intermediaries, exorbitant fees and payment failures has brought digital assets, especially cryptocurrency to the forefront of both individual and corporate investment strategies. It’s a hot topic not only among investors but in popular culture too, thanks to everyone from long-standing investors like Elon Musk to that kid from your secondary school on Facebook.

For this reason,  AO Digital’s founders – an exceptional crew of industry experts and problem solvers with backgrounds spanning a diverse landscape of fields including Mathematics, Economics and Finance identified and are capitalising on the fast-paced growth of the global digital assets market, by successfully carving out core and relatable value propositions in the form of an intelligence platform, and a smart trading solution.

The intelligence platform, AO Insights, provides its clients with a sophisticated and comprehensive overview of digital assets, empowering them with the relevant resources needed to be ahead of the impending transformation of the global financial services sector. One such output of AO Insights, The AO Digital White Paper, is currently being used by organisations to train their teams on these assets and the underlying distributed ledger technology (blockchain). The white paper covers topics like blockchain technology, distributed ledger systems and how they can be implemented in a business environment; important concepts for applying blockchain technology in the real world and key use cases of blockchain for business today; how assets can be transferred in a blockchain network; and use cases and applications of blockchain technology in modern finance and other facets of life. 

The smart trading solution- Alpha Infinity uses a machine learning algorithm and effective risk management strategies to execute complex trading techniques directly in its clients wallets. Following its official launch in January 2022, the solution has been deployed to over 150 clients wallets across 5 different countries.

“We’ve brought hedge fund strategies right to your digital asset wallet” said the founders when asked about the solution which seems to be garnering a lot of interest especially from its clients in Africa who have also found this to be a good way to hedge against depreciating local currency.

“Disruption never comes knocking,” they said when asked about digital assets. “At AO Digital, we understand that the future is decentralized with no intermediaries and trusted authorities will be replaced by the blockchain. The impact will reach into virtually every area of life and business and we are here to guide our clients into this new world.”


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