Events, communities or gatherings that bring stakeholders together to network, share insights and pave the way are vital to the development of every sector. 

We’ve seen how events and gatherings strengthen the growth of engineering professionals and the grooming of engineering talents across Africa and the world. Hence, we thought about how impactful it would be if no-code professionals, who are a vital part of the tech ecosystem, also have access to capacity-building events and communities tailored specifically to their needs and goals. 

This led to Treford and Non-Tech in Tech partnering to introduce “No-Code Tech Summit” — an annual gathering of no-code tech professionals to strengthen their impact in African tech companies and foster conversations that will enable both upcoming talents and practicing no-code tech professionals to build careers and businesses on a global scale. 

Moreover, for a long time, Tech in Africa was mostly only associated with coding and software engineers. Undoubtedly, they are the foundation on which the tech ecosystem is built globally. But in recent times, there has been an increased spotlight on  other professions that play significant roles in scaling products to become viable businesses that deliver value.

In addition, the demand for code and no-code tech professionals continues to increase as many enterprising youths are rising to solve the many challenges in Africa. More people are transitioning as the tech ecosystem opens up opportunities for talent. There are communities supporting these professionals at local levels and industry leaders creating resources and sharing insights for others to learn and grow. 

It is also important to acknowledge the significant impact of investors in the African tech ecosystem which makes it possible for more companies to scale and in return hire a notable part of the African tech talent.

The summit is open to all—no-code tech professionals, communities, stakeholders, tech enthusiasts, undergraduates, etc. By no-code tech professionals, you can think of designers, marketers, product managers, customer support specialists, tech lawyers, tech HR specialists, operations managers, technical writer, UX writers, content marketers, social media managers—all working to scale products in tech companies. 

This year’s edition features keynote sessions from industry leaders, panels sessions to address important issues, masterclasses, awards for excellence, and an after-party to wrap up the day and a year of great work. 

So, there is a place for everyone at the summit, grab your ticket at, share with a colleague. The day remains 10th December at Landmark Event Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos at 12 PM. 

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