In 2022, the world was gripped by Artificial Intelligence (AI) fever,  and Nigeria was not left out. According to Google, Nigerians’ search for information about the technology increased by 100% in 2022.

Search queries included “what is AI art”, “what is deep learning in artificial intelligence”, “how to become an AI engineer”, “what is artificial intelligence all about”, “when was artificial intelligence invented” – all of which were Googled 5,000% more in 2022 than 2021.

Other searches included “what is artificial intelligence all about” (+370%), “is artificial intelligence a course” (+260%) and “what is artificial intelligence” (+130%).

Commenting on the trend, Matt Brittin, president of Google Europe, the Middle East and Africa, stated that it was a good sign to see people in Nigeria showing more of an interest in the transformational technology that is already a key part of many of their lives.

“In fact, if you use Google tools regularly, you’re probably using AI without even realising: it’s what helps Maps give you the fastest or most fuel-efficient route, or Search to find what you’re looking for. We’re continuing to pursue AI boldly and responsibly – creating tools that improve the lives of as many people as possible,” added Brittin.

According to Google, the company is already incorporating AI into its core products, including Google Search to provide answers that better address the meaning of your query; Google Photos to return the right results when you search for “dogs”, and Google Maps to help predict your estimated time to reach a destination.

In Ghana, Google’s AI Center is also working in collaboration with InstaDeep and the UN to better detect locust outbreaks so control measures can be implemented.

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