Talent solutions company, CareerBuddy,has recently launched its subscription-based recruitment service directed at fast-growing startups across Africa. With this latest hiring service, medium-sized businesses and startups with opportunities to grow can get access to top talents, providing a mutually beneficial relationship for all.

The startup scene has experienced a brutal shake-up recently, especially within the tech ecosystem. As companies grow and technologies rise and wane, businesses have to make internal changes and adapt quickly. What this means is that businesses are now on the lookout for the finest talents with the best fit, and this requires a lot of time and resources.

CareerBuddy, a tech recruitment company with a large and growing audience of young professionals across Africa is set to solve one of the most complex hiring problems amongst startups via their tailored embedded recruiter product.

By leveraging this product, Startups and founders can now:

  • Drastically reduce time to hire
  • Maintain a cost-effective and predictive recruitment budget all year
  • Pool and enrich their pool of qualified candidates

They’ve grown in popularity for connecting with their audience’s daily struggles as employees and employers in various capacities. With the subscription-based hiring service, CareerBuddy provides businesses with an embedded in-house recruiter managed by the CareerBuddy team thereby removing the need for an external recruiter and the costs that come with that. This embedded recruiter manages candidate sourcing, screening, interview scheduling, onboarding, and candidate experience management, a process that typically takes most startups between 12–24 weeks and consumes resources and production time.

This subscription service works as an all-inclusive monthly subscription, with no additional fees after you get a recruiter. It gives businesses the advantage of having a full-time in-house recruiter without needing to manage a new employee or increase payroll. This also gives startups better control of their branding as employers, because the embedded recruiter becomes a team member and answers to the subscriber. These recruiters aim to understand your brand and stakeholder goals to provide your company with pre-screened, vetted, and qualified candidates ready to go. Short-term 12-week contracts are also available for companies who want a more flexible plan, and subscribers can turn their plans on when needed and off when a hiring round is done.

This subscription model comes at a time when founders are looking to cut down on the costs of running businesses. It is specifically targeted at helping businesses with the need to frequently hire staff for expansion. It is designed to meet the needs of startups, high-growth companies, and medium-sized businesses in Africa, who may not have the resources to maintain a full-time in-house recruitment team and need to scale-up operations. By bridging the gap between talent and opportunity, CareerBuddy significantly reduces the stress of people management and eliminates high hiring cost.

To find more or sign up for CareerBuddy’s hiring subscription plan, go here

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