Over the last two years, Advancly, a credit-tech company, has injected $70m into the credit-for-scale marketplace in Africa and emerging markets. Now, as they set their eyes on a goal of $500m by 2026, they are telling the stories of the partnerships that have brought them this far.

In the second instalment of what has been dubbed their “Progress Stories” series, Advancly sheds light on its relationship with MarketForce, the retail B2B and end-to-end- distribution platform that operates out of 5 African countries, including Nigeria and Kenya.

“We believe that, when used right, credit can unlock the potential of African entrepreneurs, fuel innovation, and drive economic growth”, says Lotanna Julian, CEO of Advancly. “This is why we look to partner specifically with like-minded organisations like MarketForce who are aligned with our drive to build the rail tracks for a modern and  more robust financial ecosystem in Africa and emerging markets, by providing access to credit facilities. We are proud to call MarketForce our Partners Partners and proud of the remarkable impact they are making in the B2B retail landscape in Africa.”

The 7-minute exposition features the Co-Founder and CEO, and top executives at MarketForce, who highlight the problems the organisation is solving and how their relationship with Advancly has enabled them to reach their goals.

About Advancly

Advancly is a Credit-Tech company working to close the lending gap in Africa and emerging markets by innovating access to credit for aggregators who extend financial value to consumers. Advancly empowers these businesses with debt capital and embedded finance, through which they can enable their ecosystems to access and utilise credit to grow. In short, Advancly is Powering Progress with Credit.

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