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16 || August || 2023

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Issue #38

How you can grow
with internships

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Greetings ET people 🖖🏾

In last week’s edition, we dove into the exciting world of internships 🌟

We shared how tech internships worked, and how they’ve helped techies like Binjo Adeniran, Jesimiel Williams, Ajiri Omafokpe and Joyce Imeigha. 

In today’s edition, the concluding edition for this two-part series by Reneé PR’s Oluwatoyosi Adebusuyi, we’ll talk about what you can get from internships—other than just money😉—and how to avoid pitfalls. 

Let’s dig in.

by Timi Odueso.

Tech trivia

Some tech trivia to get the brain juices flowing.

  • Which company’s internship program is renowned for offering its interns “hackathons” where they spend all night coding and developing?
  • GitHub, a platform commonly used by tech interns, was acquired by which major tech company in 2018?

What you can get from internships

Internships continue to be a key driver in propelling careers forward. With an increasing number of startups embracing the concept of hiring and training interns, people find it easier to embark on their career journeys, particularly those transitioning into new professional paths. An internship can provide the clarity needed to fully comprehend and navigate a new industry or job role.

Joyce Imeigha

Joyce Imiegha embarked on an exciting career transition from public relations to product management. Haven taken several product management courses, she secured a valuable internship opportunity at Stax where she gained hands-on experience, and made significant contributions to the success of the product. Impressively, within six months of her internship, Joyce’s performance earned her a promotion to the position of Associate Product Manager. She attributes this achievement to the unwavering support of her manager and colleagues, as well as the company’s inclusive and supportive work culture, enabling her to transition smoothly and flourish in her new role.

Many interns working in Nigerian startups have also enthusiastically shared how their internships have left a lasting impact on their personal and professional lives, setting a strong foundation for their career success. 

Chidinma Okechukwu, a marketing intern at GoMoney has found clarity in her marketing career. She shares, “I’ve grown so much here, feeling confident as a digital marketer.”Ayomide Ogunsiakan, a growth intern at Stears Insights, talked about how kindness has played a significant role in her internship experience. Despite initial challenges, the nurturing environment has contributed to her progress, and she feels reassured by the feedback she gets, knowing they trust her work.

Boluwatife Olajubu

Boluwatife Olajubu loves being part of Love Box, a startup, because of its small and close-knit team. As a new product designer, the company actively supports her career goals. She expresses, “It is refreshing to work in a company that understands and actively helps me exceed my limits.”

What to look out for

Internships undoubtedly offer great experiences, but they do come with their share of challenges that need to be addressed. One significant challenge faced by some interns is the lack of a well-defined structure in their internships. This can result in reduced productivity and confusion about roles and responsibilities, leaving interns feeling disoriented and uncertain about their tasks. To ensure a meaningful and productive internship experience, organizations should strive to establish clear guidelines and support systems for their interns.

Another issue revolves around the prevalence of unpaid or low-paid internships, where some unfortunate situations even lead to interns being denied compensation based on an unjust perception of being undeserving. Additionally, limited or inadequate mentorship can hinder interns’ professional growth and overall experience, as they may struggle without proper guidance and support. The misconception that internships solely benefit interns seeking experience is far from true, as these programs also hold considerable value for startups, presenting opportunities for talent acquisition.

Managers are also very essential in internships, and Olabinjo Adeniran gives credit to Mark Essien for his growth and learning. Despite being an intern, Mark ensured he made the most of the entire experience. He expresses, Mark’s patience and specific feedback helped me focus on essential aspects aligned with our growth objectives.”

Oluwafemi Akinola

Managers like Wendy Okeke and Oluwafemi Akinola acknowledge the fresh perspectives and positive contributions interns bring to their teams. Wendy Okeke, a marketing and communications manager revealed that “an impact that is hard to miss is the fresh perspectives interns bring—working with people that have little or no knowledge but can form an opinion about a product or brand is an intangible value.” Oluwafemi Akinola, a frontend engineer, emphasises how interns contribute to startups by providing support on projects, fostering diversity and inclusion, and serving as a talent pipeline. He advocates for startups to develop impactful tech internship programs due to these reasons. 

Jesimiel Williams reinforces this sentiment stating, “Investing in grooming and training fresh minds is truly rewarding, as many of the remarkable talents often begin as interns.” Onyinyechi Nneji stresses the need for companies to adopt clear learning pathways and personalised guidance during internships, while Ajiri Omafokpe recommends conducting reviews and matching interns with mentors to enhance their experience.

The experiences of these professionals and the invaluable contributions of interns make it evident that internships play a pivotal role in shaping one’s career and professional development. They open doors for aspiring individuals to pursue their passions, gain real-world experience, and thrive in their careers. Embracing the value of internships for individuals and organisations is vital to moulding the next wave of tech leaders and uplifting the tech workforce. 

By making internships even better, nurturing talent, and providing guidance, startups, HRs and team managers hold the key to shaping the future generation of tech stars.

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Ask a techie

Q. How can I find tech companies offering internships, and how do I apply?

Great question. The way to go about this is by searching the Career pages of the companies you’re targeting. Openings and internships are often posted on career pages and via the social media handles of tech companies. 

You should also set job alerts on LinkedIn with the internship keywords you want. This way, LinkedIn will alert you whenever a new internship opportunity is open. 

Next, follow job aggregators like the TC Job Board, Fuzu, and more we’ve listed below. 

Finally, there are influencers on Twitter (or X) that post internship opportunities regularly. They include HackSultan, Imade Iyamu, and Kehinde Olorunsola

Hunting for new opportunities can be tedious, but it’s a numbers game. The more you apply, the higher your chances of getting in.

Q. Do you allow guest articles?

Yeah, we do. Pitch to us at and we’ll get into it.

That’s all we can take this week. Have any questions about working in tech? Ask away and we’ll find answers for you.👇🏾

Ask a question

Tech trivia answers

  • It’s Facebook.
  • It’s Microsoft.
  • Here’s where to find your first tech job

    If you’re interested in kicking off your career in tech, here’s a list of job boards that regularly upload their platform with African tech jobs.


    • Google is offering 2000 African Scholarships for a  Career Certificate in Cybersecurity. In this certificate program, you’ll learn in-demand skills that can have you job-ready in less than 6 months, and gain hands-on experience with Python, Linux and SQL. Enrol here.

    • Visa has opened applications for its Africa Fintech Accelerator Program. Startups up to the Series A stage are encouraged to apply for a chance to gain unparalleled expertise, valuable industry connections, cutting-edge technology, and potential investment funding. Apply by August 25.

    • If you are a young (no older than 24 years of age) and emerging photographer looking to embark on a career in the world of photojournalism, the Ian Parry Photojournalism Grant 2023 (up to £10,000) is open for Applications. Apply by August 31.


    There are more jobs on TechCabal’s job board.

    Disclaimer: TechCabal is not affiliated with or associated with jobs and opportunities listed on all its job boards and newsletters. All applicants bear the responsibility of researching about the roles and companies they apply to.

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