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OneLiquidity, a SaaS startup, has come out of stealth to provide businesses with technology infrastructure and liquidity.

After operating in stealth for a year, OneLiquidity, a startup that offers technology, liquidity, and licensing services for businesses through APIs, has launched its platform at an event in Lagos. Founded by Munachi Ogueke and Amaechi Osazuwa, the startup provides liquidity in crypto and fiat and bespoke technology to businesses. 

Startups can delegate their technology, liquidity, and compliance needs to OneLiquidity and focus on innovating, acquiring customers, and scaling their business. Ebenezer Ghanney, the CEO of WeWire, shared that the startup “completely transformed the way we manage our crypto assets.”

In fireside chats at the launch event, Emmanuel Babalola, the director of fiat businesses for the Middle East and Africa at Binance, Dickson Nsofor, the CEO and founder of Korapay, and Wole Ayodele, the CEO of Fincra, all spoke about the history of Africa’s fintech landscape and how the ecosystem had matured for SaaS startups like OneLiquidity to gain market share. 

“Crypto has become a huge part of the fintech industry. Not just globally but particularly in Nigeria today. All of this innovation that has been happening shows that there is still more to come,” said Ayodele. Babalola also shared that Binance controls the majority of the crypto market in Africa. 

In Nsofor’s fireside chat, he shared his experiences as a three-time founder and how consistency helped him overcome the failures of those businesses and launch KoraPay. “Once you’re ready to just keep failing forward, you’ll learn something and just keep going,” he said. 

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