The SEC has announced it will appeal the decision versus Ripple, and this has investors once more looking towards decentralized projects like Near Protocol (NEAR) and Tradecurve Markets (TCRV). These DeFi operatives remain outside the SEC’s regulatory clutches, hence why investors are bidding on them.

Decentralization will be the future of finance, and the equation has become time-based. Not if but when. Protocols at the frontier will be some of 2023’s top performers, and analysts explored Near Protocol vs. Tradecurve Markets: two projects pioneering the future of decentralization. 

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Tradecurve Markets (TCRV) True Financial Inclusion Via Decentralization 

Tradecurve Markets has leveraged the unique properties of blockchain to introduce a fully inclusive trading hub. Traders will be able to access an expansive range of asset classes while remaining anonymous and trading with high leverage up to 500:1.

The next step in on-chain trading has arrived, and Tradecurve Markets leads the movement. Moving away from the crypto-to-crypto pairings, it pioneers the crypto-to-derivatives pairings model. Tradecurve Markets features no KYC and integrated asset classes, including forex, commodities, traditional equities, cryptos, and bonds. Users sign up with an email, retain their privacy, collateralize crypto, and gain deep access to global financial markets. 

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Including TradFi’s primary assets puts Tradecurve Markets in a league of its own. Not only because of the vast volume of trading these assets witness but the convenience for traders of being able to jump from market to market following liquidity from a single interface.

The native token $TCRV comes with a slew of benefits, including passive income via staking, access to the protocol’s backtested AI trading algorithms, social trading features, and entrance to trading competitions.

Analysts noted that $TCRV ownership is the primary avenue for gaining exposure to Tradecurve Markets’ growth, and they expect the token to surge by 5,000% before the presale closes.

Tradecurve Markets pushes the boundaries of what is possible through decentralization, and this nascent blockchain ICO could soon rival even established global players like Binance and Kraken. 

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Near Protocol (NEAR) Releases Blockchain Operating System

Near Protocol is an alternative layer one blockchain that focuses on dApp development. It offers a general-purpose blockchain for application deployment, and the team behind Near Protocol constructed the blockchain’s native language using JavaScript for precisely this purpose. Developers can dive straight into Near Protocol without learning a new language, which has fostered a growing network of builders on the chain.

A nice addition to the usability of Near Protocol is the introduction of human-readable addresses, and the most recent news surrounding the protocol led analysts to revise their price targets. They now expect the native token of Near Protocol $NEAR to target $2.74 in 2024.

The release of the Polygon zk-EVM dashboard partners Near Protocol with the popular layer two scaling solution, and users can access dApps hosted on Polygon via the dashboard hosted by Near Protocol. A significant step forward for cross-chain development and a favorable tailwind for both ecosystems. 

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