has just been named one of the Top 100 most innovative InsurTech companies in the world by FinTech Global! This is a significant achievement and a testament to the hard work and dedication of their team in bringing innovative insurance solutions to the Nigerian and African markets.

Over the span of the last two years, has steadfastly dedicated its efforts to ensuring the seamless distribution of insurance products to the Nigerian market through the embedding of their innovative API Solution into their audiences’ favorite products and services. Their commitment to this vision has been unwavering, as they diligently build a digital insurance infrastructure.’s primary objective is to catalyze the growth of insurance penetration and adoption across the African continent. It is with immense satisfaction that they announce the distinguished recognition as one of the Top 100 most innovative InsurTech companies worldwide, as conferred by FinTech Global.

FinTech Global is a premier provider of FinTech-related information services, B2B media solutions, and industry-specific events. They’re all about connecting FinTech stakeholders worldwide, including buyers, sellers, and innovators.

This year, analysts and seasoned industry experts reviewed a massive list of over 1,500 businesses provided by FinTech Global and selected the Top 100. made this list and it’s a testament to the work the good people behind have put in.

Their focus on creating a seamless distribution of insurance through innovative API Solution is a commendable effort. It’s clear that this dedication to building a digital infrastructure for insurance penetration and adoption in Africa is making a positive impact.

The distinction of in this context is derived from a combination of factors, primarily stemming from their notable growth trajectory. Their innovative technological solutions, while highly sophisticated, extend beyond mere efficiency improvements and cost reductions; they profoundly reshape the insurance value chain and greatly improve client revenue enhancement.

The core of their operations lies in their open insurance API, a pioneering solution that aims to deepen the reach of insurance services and streamline insurance processes throughout the African continent. This solution is uniquely tailored to facilitate the seamless integration of insurance products into the offerings of innovators and businesses, and to empower insurance companies in expediting product distribution and simplifying claims procedures.’s ultimate objective is to provide end-users with unparalleled access to insurance products, characterized by a seamless and enriching experience. 

Their partnership portfolio spans a broad spectrum of industries, including logistics, mobility/ride hailing, e-commerce, Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) platforms, and fintech, among others. Consider, for instance, a third-party logistics entity empowered to provide real-time Goods in Transit Coverage for the commodities transported within its fleet, alongside comprehensive health insurance and personal accident coverage for its personnel. The entire spectrum of claims and insurance processes is efficiently managed within the ambit of this platform.

This distinction as one of the Top 100 most innovative InsurTech companies marks a watershed moment for them, and it fuels their fervor to continually ascend new heights of growth and innovation. They extend their heartfelt appreciation to those who have joined them on this remarkable journey.

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