Lagos, Nigeria, 29/5/2024

Termii, a leading communication platform in Africa, proudly announces a series of remarkable achievements that highlight its position as a frontrunner in the industry. Termii has achieved unprecedented success under the leadership of its CEO, Emmanuel Gbolade, processing over 1 billion customer transactions (SMS, Voice and WhatsApp).

Additionally, Termii has facilitated wallet transactions totalling an impressive 11 billion. This significant volume highlights the platform’s pivotal role in enabling seamless transactions for its users. With a strong commitment to empowering businesses and individuals across Africa, Termii engages with 16,000 businesses and reaches 10 million Africans every month. These figures reflect the extensive impact that Termii has had on transforming communication and business processes across the continent.

Emmanuel Gbolade, CEO of Termii, expressed his belief that these milestones serve as proof of the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence. In his words, “we (Termii) are (is) committed to providing reliable and efficient communication solutions that drive growth and connectivity across Africa”.

Termii’s customer-centric approach, which utilizes innovative technology to cater to its users’ evolving needs, also contributes to its ongoing success. As the company continues to grow, it remains focused on expanding its services and impact, ensuring that more businesses and individuals can benefit from its solutions.

In addition to these significant milestones, Termii is excited to announce Elevate 3.0, scheduled for July 5, 2024, at The Zone Tech Park in Lagos. This premier conference will bring together industry leaders, tech innovators, and professionals for insightful keynotes, panel discussions, networking opportunities, and exhibitions. Elevate 3.0 will be the ultimate platform for sharing the latest advancements and trends in communication technology. Attendance is free for all! You can learn more at

About Termii

Termii is a leading communication platform in Africa, offering a range of services including messaging, voice transactions, and wallet operations. Founded with the mission to enhance connectivity and communication across the continent, Termii continues to innovate and expand its offerings, ensuring that users receive reliable and efficient services.

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