In an effort to improve the regulatory and compliance capacity of Nigerian tech startups, the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub, Viaduct Design and Creativity Foundation and Golborne Road Advisory (“GRA”), proudly announce the Regulatory and Compliance School Project. 

Recent surveys indicate that 24% of Nigerian fintechs find navigating the regulatory environment a major challenge, while 18% struggle with compliance, and 70% do not have dedicated compliance officers. The introduction of new regulations, such as the Nigeria Data Protection Bill, 2023, and evolving cybersecurity laws increase compliance requirements for startups. The Regulatory and Compliance School will bridge these skill gaps through a structured, two-phased approach to be delivered to three cohorts of startups. 

The first phase will comprise intensive workshops, offering both theoretical and practical knowledge pertinent to the local context. These workshops aim to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the regulatory landscape with confidence. 

The second phase will provide continued support to the cohorts via regulatory and compliance clinics with GRA, running on an opt-in basis for three months after the workshops. 

Both phases are free of charge, thanks to the kind support of the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub. 

At the end of this initiative, participants operating in various sub-sectors will have been equipped with the knowledge and skills with which to comply effectively with local and international regulations, thereby contributing to the stability and growth of the ecosystem. Interested participants are required to fill out a questionnaire available on our website, For further enquiries, please email

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