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1st November 2013

And it seems that Nigerian/African Twitter have bought themselves 3D glasses to watch. Everybody loves them some high stakes corporate/startup drama, and the iROKING one has become one big-ass feeding frenzy now. The sort of all-you-can-prattle-about gossip buffet that people are wont to bring their mouths to, leaving their brains behind. I think I’ll pass. […]

First Veritas Educational Content Delivery Ltd is establishing a network of people and companies involved in Technology in Education in Nigeria. The Technology In Education community in Nigeria has grown over the last few years but players seem to operate in their tiny corners, often not realizing how large the community is and sometimes reinventing […]

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17th October 2013

There have been about 200 of these experiments around the world, and maybe only 4 or 5 have been successful. This was how Michael Joseph, Vodacom’s Director of Mobile Commerce described mobile money to the Financial Times in 2012.

For those who aren’t convinced that the ICT ministry’s Silicon Valley expedition isn’t just another Nigerian bureaucratic junket, Plug And Play Tech Center (another stop on the ministry’s tour) were kind enough to make a much more flattering video than the one with Bloomberg West, where Oluseyi Onabanjo, a special assistant to the ICT minister […]

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17th October 2013

Whenever one reads Erik Hersman’s posts about the work that goes on at the iHub, there is no question in my mind about what their purpose is and how profound their impact is on Kenyan and east African, and by extension, African technology innovation is. Read Erik’s latest post on his personal blog about what […]

Yesterday, the ICT ministry’s magic Silicon Valley school bus made a pit stop at the studios of Bloomberg West. There, technology news anchor Emily Chang asked Omobola Johnson about the purpose of her Bay Area expedition and the Nigerian ICT ministry’s vision for Nigeria’s technology sector. image via @NGRCommtech “We’re not trying to create another […]

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