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8th September 2014

Intel’s chips are still inside many of today’s electronics, a testament to how literally embedded the company is, even in the post-PC era. But to assure its chips a place inside tomorrow’s electronics, Intel realises it needs to build a new ship. Preferably a giant jet ski.

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2nd September 2014

In its just over two years of existence, the CcHub has played mostly a nurturing role in the ecosystem, providing basic infrastructure (space, electricity, internet) for its community of developers/innovators as well as regular programming to keep them engaged. But they’ve never actually put money in any startups. Not directly. Neither have they taken equity in any […]

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25th August 2014

Chances are you know this Nigerian hip-hop star. But it turns out that eLDee’s probably a bigger nerd than most Nigerian techies with a badge. Not to mention a newly “haloed” Angel investor. This interview is 2000-plus words long. Grab some popcorn.

Yesterday, you didn’t care which what colour the automatic teller machine you stuck your debit card into was. But an announcement from the CBN which hit the presses this morning has changed all of that. Starting September 1, you will be mindful of what bank ATM you use, because withdrawing cash from a bank ATM […]

The SOLO Phone proposition is to provide a unique end-to-end mobile content delivery experience for its users. With SOLO Music, you get unlimited free access to stream and download music from  a library of over 20-million international and local music tracks, directly to, and for the lifetime, of the device. With SOLO View, you can rent and download […]

Economic analysts have painted rosy prospects for Nigeria’s future. As the economy grows, 7 percent every year by expert estimations, and the middle class expands, more Nigerians are acquiring the ability to pay for goods and services, increasingly via digital and electronic means. Savvy global corporate players are all getting in line to court the […]

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