Nigerian Mobile Marketshare In Four Graphs
Features, Mobile
23rd July 2014

The battle for Nigerian mobile market share is a fiercely fought one. Once dominated by Nokia, the market is now host to a plethora of OEMs fighting for increasingly fickle consumer attention. In our minds, Tecno is winning, or at least, it looks like its winning. If only we had the figures to back it. […]

Raising Digital Women, The W-TEC Way
21st July 2014

Leaving a cushy job at an oil and gas firm to start a non-profit isn’t the sexiest career move anyone can make. Seven years later, few people in Nigeria, if any, can speak with more authority on the subject of getting girls and women into technology than Ore Somolu. To date, over 5,000 women and girls […]

Entrepreneur Country Brings Its Version Of The David And Goliath Tale To Nigeria
ecosystem, Features
16th July 2014

Disruption. We are weary of the term. But that hasn’t by any means diminished its potency when wielded by scrappy entrepreneurs in their pitch decks, or the dread of it when encountered by corporate strategists in their forecasts. Somehow we’ve come to accept that in this brave new world, the old will get slaughtered by […]

PrepClass: Life After The Battlefield
Features, startups
2nd July 2014

Remember PrepClass? The startup that wanted to help students prepare for exams online and Winners of the 2014 TechCabal battlefield? Well since their victory in 2014, PrepClass, made up of UNILAG alumni, has gone on to accumulate impressive accolades, both in Nigeria and abroad. One year and over 2000 users after, in an interview with the PrepClass […]

Meet Stephen Ozoigbo, the Man Who Brought You the Evernote-ATF Roadshow
2nd July 2014

Stephen Ozoigbo, serial investor and advisor to multiple startups, is the CEO of the African Technology Foundation, a Silicon Valley based organization focused on globalizing African technologies by providing access to resources that effectively address and manage the pressing technological challenges on the continent. Mr Ozoigbo leads the Evernote’s Africa Engagement technology roadshow that will include […]

Anakle Interview – The Brideprice App Was A Social Media Experiment
6th June 2014

Anakle’s brideprice app was one of the biggest (Nigerian) Twitter topics of last week, generating tons of engagement at home and abroad. A lot of it was roaring hilarity. Some of it was critical. Anakle CEO, Editi Effiong answers TechCabal’s questions about their social media experiment that took them only two weeks to build. *** […]

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