What Ma3route found out about road accidents in Nairobi
Events, Features
3rd May 2016

Tales from WhatsNext Mobility

A Blend of Weather, Fashion and Travel
Apps, Features, startups
3rd May 2016

The Vane comes to Nigeria

An analysis of Hotels.ng 2012 pitch that was sent to Rocket Internet
Cabal, Features
28th April 2016

I conceived of the idea for Hotels.ng in early 2012. I started working on it then (it was called hotels.com.ng), made a beta, and then went out trying to raise money. I knew next to nothing about raising money. One of the first investors I approached was Rocket Internet. I sent them a plan with […]

Nigeria and Digital Rights: Important Decisions Ahead
25th April 2016

Learning from good examples and past mistakes

PrepClass: The journey so far
Features, startups
20th April 2016

From Battlefield until now

Behold, the face of Automated Education Systems in Nigeria
18th April 2016

Tracking all school processes just got easier

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