Developers, ecosystem, Fundamentals
18th November 2015

After getting your product off the assembly line, the next hurdle becomes the users – where do you find the people willing to pay for your product?

ecosystem, Features, Fundamentals
26th October 2015

They say we think more than 80,000 thoughts per day. Many of those include light ephemeral thoughts and others; weighty like whether or not to buy the iPad Pro or the Surface Book. In this maelstrom of thoughts, where is the space for new ideas?

ecosystem, Features, Fundamentals, Gadgets, Internet
8th June 2015

What if we took all the data coming out of our everyday devices and connect them? This means we can cook at home using our mobile phones while working at the office, turn on the heater before we get home, watch our children in playpens while we shop

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