Next Wave: Emefiele and other risks Welcome, Amazon MAY 2, 2021 This newsletter is a weekly in-depth analysis of tech and innovation in Africa that will serve as a post-pandemic guide. Subscribe here to get it directly in your inbox every Sunday at 3 pm WAT Hello, April was going to end quietly but Godwin […]

Developers, ecosystem, Products, startups, Venture Capital
19th June 2015

To measure the impact of incubators solely by the amount of money raised by their startups or the scale of turnover  is to grossly misread their pivotal role in shaping Africa’s economies and democracies.

ecosystem, Venture Capital
24th March 2014

The startup ecosystem lexicon is so ridden with industry-specific usages and jargon that it’s quite easy to get hung up on semantics when you are in fact saying the same thing. Or not. Like the differences between accelerators and incubators. A previous post on TechCabal listed Passion Incubator as one of the seven known technology […]

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