Ten years ago, the 5 largest publicly traded companies in the world included 2 oil firms and one tech firm. Today, all 5 are tech firms with a combined worth of $3.9 trillion. Of the 20 most valuable firms in the world this year, the combined market cap of the tech firms is 2.5 times […]

I Hate Apple
Gadgets, Products, Reviews
23rd October 2015

I’m a proud acolyte of the cult of the bitten fruit. One of the most amusing parts of my day is listening to Android/Windows fanboys go on and on about how overpriced Apple devices are.

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23rd September 2015

Mobile is rapidly opening up doors and possibilities to African businesses and consumers. But is it here to stay or is it going to go the way of the dot-com bubble, soon to burst? Let’s find out.

Africa may trail the US and Europe in terms of technology, but the gap is closing fast. It seems our economic woes have inspired us to harness certain technologies with more zeal and in more innovative ways –Big Data is turning out to be one of those.

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