Today makes it a full month that TechCabal has been up and posting. Thirty days since the first post.

In that time, you have viewed 29 TC posts more than seven thousand times and contributed over a hundred comments. I’m genuinely amazed and humbled by the response.


Everytime you read a TC post, leave a comment, or share the conversation to your social network, you validate the existence of the cabal, and you give us a reason to come back here tomorrow and do it all over again, only faster, harder, stronger, better.

So far, we’ve had Victor Asemota, Chuka Ofili, Editi Effiong, Francis Onwumere, Idiare Atimomo and Seyi Taylor share profound thoughts with us. I can’t thank them enough. Going forward, I’m trusting that even more of us will be “gingered” to participate in the conversation, because we’ll all be better for it.

TechCabal is on all the social platforms that matter. So please join the cabal – On Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr…

we are TechCabal, everywhere.

Bankole Oluwafemi Author

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