I talked to Jason and Bastian of iROKO Partners, and of course now the really noisy, sparky SPARK…what’s it with these guys and capital letters?

Anyways, I had a number of interesting and atimes NSFW interactions with them at MWWA 2013, which I’ll be posting here by and by. During one of said discussions, over lunch at the Brazzerie, and in the company of like fifteen other Jason acolytes (don’t argue), I told Jason that people think he’s an asshole. And that I also personally think so, like four days of every week.

“Well, I AM an asshole”, he replied without blinking.

That kinda takes the fight out of you. How do you argue with that?

Not much earlier, I’d asked Bastian if he was okay with Jason’s knack for riling people up. Bastian says he doesn’t mind and that it is in fact alright, since he is there to smooth the ruffled feathers whenever his co-founder upsets the investors.

So is it like bad cop, good cop?

“No”, Jason says. “He’s worse than me, just that he doesn’t shout or blog”.

Oh yeah? I’ve got a clip of that conversation with Bastian after the cut…and there’s more coming up.

Bankole Oluwafemi Author

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