Last weekend, I was in Tech360’s studios for a conversation with Abiodun Thorpe, the anchor of that platform’s weekly technology podcast. The first thing you might notice — because to my chagrin, I did — is that I say the words “actually”, “you know”, “I mean”, and “really” an awful lot. I’m sure there’s others I didn’t mention. Cripes.

[00:13] At the beginning, We talked about Osun’s state Opon Imo. Compared to my comment on Seyi Taylor’s post on why Opon Imo is important, my opinion here is pretty tame. Although I recall that the word “skeptical” kept coming up.


From there we segued into a conversation about public versus private driven innovation. What happens when governments get the iDEA that they can engineer innovation?

[13:00] And then on to the matter of Google’s apparently philanthropic investment in South Africa’s renewable energy sector. I don’t know why people are labeling what is obviously a shrewd financial investment as philanthropy, and I said as much.

[19:13] Last, but obviously not least, and cliche intended, we talked about Jason Njoku. YNaija just did an excellent piece of journalism on him and his business. But by now, we all just want to talk about something else other than Jason, bless him.

Thanks to Abiodun (@tpcast) for having me on the Tech360 podcast.

Bankole Oluwafemi Author

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