Bankole Oluwafemi

When Saya got into the finals of TechCrunch Disrupt last year in San Francisco, after doing battle with twenty-nine other startups from all over the world, I remember saying it wasn’t quite time for African techies to start clinking glasses together. Nonetheless, Saya’s achievement was a win for Africa, and much more MEST Ghana. The […]

I’m not referring to the DStv franchise. Big brother Nigeria in this context refers to something much darker. To a government that has decided that it needs to read your every tweet, rifle through your email, listen in on your phone calls and scroll through your BBM, whether you like it or not, on any […]

It was lunch time on the first day of Mobile Web West Africa 2013, and I got into this interesting conversation about what a smartphone really is and how it’s different from a feature phone, with Robert Lamptey (CEO and co-founder, Saya Mobile) and Jeremy George (VP Africa, BiNu). Both their companies make feature-phone focused […]

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