The thing about our team is that it’s really that, a team. Because we are more a team than a company, we don’t have a lot of bureaucratic barriers. Everyone is equal, (except maybe on payday)…

Every couple of months, our group of companies stop work, and come together in a big team retreat. Retreats help us refresh. We catch up on stuff like what our vision is, and evaluate where we are on the way to achieving that vision.

Our retreat is also when we lose it completely, and let all propriety out the window. A part of us is a techie team after all.

This year’s half year event, we had a two day retreat, with one day dedicated to evaluations and an office house party, and the second to the real social activities. The two day format gave us a bit more time to spare, so we decided to have a ‘hot seat’ session, where everyone takes a turn on the sofa to answer every ridiculous question on earth, and hear what’s good and bad about themselves.

The thing about our team is that it’s really that, a team. Because we are more a team than a company, we don’t have a lot of bureaucratic barriers. Everyone is equal, (except maybe on payday), andt his allows us do stuff without and fears. In fact, the most difficult part of fitting into our team for newcomers is often having to get used to not calling anyone sir, and calling the CEO ‘Editi’, and sometimes working from the same table.

When we first started Anakle, I had a vision of the kind of company I would like to lead. I hoped to build a company of starters who will all grow up to do crazy things. I knew as a starter myself, I couldn’t compete on pay, so I decided to make working on my team an unforgettable experience. That experience was creating teams, not offices; a family, not a company, and making sure that whatever happens, we will always be there for the members of our team. It also meant we will have more fun doing what were doing than anyone else. That experience was lived though part 2 of our model: smart, happy people.

That was also why we had a little couch in the room, and I was seated on it, so my team could tell me all the positive and negative things they knew about me. And then everyone took a turn on the chair. But my turn on the seat was a lot of fun. Of course I haven’t stopped being procrastinator, a hanger of sentences in the air, and giver of instructions in my dreams…but I was proud when I heard working at this job was the most fun my people have had.

Yes, we have set out to build a team where our people are happy. But this was mostly because we believed that happy people are able to learn and improve. Smart people are mostly smart because they’re happy at their jobs. Life is tough enough. A tough job should not add to the pain

Maybe it was a lot of “wash” when my team told me I’m the best person they ever worked with, but it felt good. However, what felt even better was knowing that the mantra about making the people who work with us really happy, wasn’t just a mantra, that we were really doing it.

We have built a team of smart, young people who aren’t afraid of anything. We’ve built a fun place to work at, where people actually look forward to a day at work. We have a team where people actually want in just for the fun we have.

Yes, we’re hiring. We’re looking for an ambitious, crazy sales lead and we need that person right away. If you are driven enough to hang out with a bunch of mad people, and still get stuff done, then maybe you want to work come work with us.

Tell us the coolest story about yourself.

Editor’s note: This is clearly a job ad, but I’ve allowed it because it’s such a cool story. Cool stories FTW. If you think yours is, send it in. – Lordbanks

Editi runs Anakle, and is interested in technology, education and big, interesting things. Follow him on Twitter here.

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