When I saw this tweet from Gbenga, I practically rolled off the map of Africa laughing.

It is true. The meme has come a long way from its World War II origins and is indeed getting old and overused, frankly by more people who have no respect for the simple communicative form of expression it embodies. Which is precisely the reason why it gets used every single day. It is just so simple, is very adaptable and pretty effective at getting the point across.

The keep calm meme has served TechCabal well in our seven months of operation. Come with me down into the archives and relive the best of TechCabal’s keep calm memes, as well as the posts that inspired them.


Keep calm and join the Cabal

join the cabal2

Keep calm and leave Nigeria – by Victor Asemota

keep calm and leave naija2

The great Nigerian internet land grab

keep calm and buy dotng

Building your startup on the side is freaking hard

keep calm and keep working

Wakanow needs a shopping cart feature

keep calm and fly

A post I have been writing for the past seven months

keep calm and no fear rocket

What are the best keep calm memes you’ve seen or come up with? Disqus comments can take pictures, by all means, share.

Bankole Oluwafemi Author

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