While Chelsea fans cursed their luck and Manchester United fans debated on whether to #SaveMoyes, the Nigerian Twitter elite declared Chimamanda overrated, amid the exclamations of “Happy Easter”.

According to data from Google and Twitter trends – and in ascending order –  here are the 7 most popular online topics among Nigerians, during the Easter period from Good Friday to yesterday Easter Monday.

Yaya Toure

The Manchester City midfielder reckons he doesn’t get enough respect from the footballing world because of his ethnicity and a debate ensues on Twitter. This actually generated a lot of tweets – in excess of 250k –  within the short space, and is only this far up because I don’t have the tools to separate the Nigerian tweets from the rest of the world’s


Not up to a week after the movie adaptation of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s “Half of a Yellow Sun” premiered in Lagos, there was a debate, presumably between TBH Twitter and LWKMD, on whether Chimamanda is overrated or not. Some proponents went as far as comparing her to Chinua Achebe.

Chelsea vs Sunderland (#CHESUN)

As the British Premier League draws to a close, the stakes are really high among the top 3 teams. So it was inevitable that Chelsea losing to Sunderland on the eve of Easter would make news. Apparently, there are enough Chelsea fans online in Nigeria to create substantial buzz – on Google alone there where over 2000 searches for “Chelsea vs Sunderland”. On Twitter, it trended as #CHESUN


Rumours of the brotherly music duo’s separation surfaced on Good Friday. By the eve of Easter, the separation was all but confirmed. The fans were not to happy and so the open letters began to flood in. We love our open letters.

David Moyes (#SaveMoyes)

Rumours of Manchester United gaffer, David Moyes’ impending sack and the possible replacements in Borussa Dortmund’s Jurgen Klopp and Louis van Gaal generated over 5000 searches from Nigeria on Google. On Twitter it manifested as different trends like ‘#MoyesIn’ and just ‘Moyes’, but the most popular was the sarcastic #SaveMoyes.


Good Friday

Christians celebrating the commemoration of Jesus Christ’s death was bound to make waves on the internet

Happy Easter

It is only fair that this was the most popular topic during the Easter Holiday, with a cumulative over 11,000 searches and related searches.

So there you go, Nigerians apparently love their religion, football and entertainment. If you think of it, all 3 are seriously treated as religions in their own right.

Photo Credit: blogspfastatt (1.000.000 views) via Compfight cc

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