As has been their tradition, Apple will probably introduce the iOS 8.0 at its annual WWDC conference in San Francisco.

But is it just me or are smartphone OS only getting little tweaks for convenience rather than revolutionary new features? What’s left to add to iOS, or any other OS for that matter? Are there still some features left on your iOS wishlist? Because from what I can see there simply isn’t much left to add to these smartphones that don’t already exist in the stores, and the list of things we desperately needed have already been fulfilled.

Is there anything the iOS urgently needs?

Asides NFC and the kids mode for handing off to toddlers, probably not. Third party Developers have made it very hard for Apple to knock us out, what with their filling the app stores every day with software that does almost everything under the sun.

Maybe on Monday, Apple will surprise us with a new software solution in iOS 8 we didn’t know we “needed” to have (Yes, Siri was one such features). Maybe we will see an OS that can cross-platform with other OS’s. Bringing down those walled gardens; foreign language translation integration or an OS so basic we wouldn’t know what to do with it.

But at that point though, will there still be smartphone wars? Will anyone care what kind of phone you have?


Photo Credit: Jonas Tana via Compfight cc

Odunayo Eweniyi Author

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