Liveoo offers a curated list of events, fun places and restaurants that are close to the user.

The entries on the app are classified into two broad categories; events and restaurants. Selecting an item reveals more information about it, such as date and time, venue, ticketing and directions via embedded map.

Going by what we’ve come to expect from location-based apps, there is still a lot left to be desired in Liveoo’s current iteration. The map feature for instance could have been better implemented by handing it off to the native maps app, typically Google maps. This is what services like Foursquare do. Instead, Liveoo appears to drop a pin in the general vicinity of the whole of Lagos. If you take the trouble to pinch and zoom, you’ll find that it’s accurate, but you still can’t navigate because it doesn’t show your location relative to the destination.

Having said that, the app does a good enough job of capturing local dos, in Lagos to which the service is currently limited.


Liveoo supports booking of tickets for events via Interswitch WebPay or Paga payment systems. Tickets and instructions for redemption are stored in-app.

Liveoo is currently limited to users within Lagos. It is free to download and is available on Google Play and iOS.

Lulu Fadoju Author

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