At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, HealthQ technologies launched a new project that enables people to optimise and improve the condition of their body, LifeQ.

The South African based HealthQ Technologies, is a eHealth tech startup company that combines skills from various discipline to provide solutions in the digital health. The LifeQ is a wearable device that monitors all the vitals of the human body.

At CES, LifeQ demonstrated how the technology will enable wearable device companies, application developers, data scientists and other experts to better monitor, understand and manage physiology, behaviour, and health.

Dr Riaan Conradie who founded HealthQ in 2010, said, “We can now deliver incredible insights to people about their bodies, potentially even predicting a heart attack”. He further stated that, “We want to change the way people think about their health, and this new development is finally allowing us to do that”.

In an interview with eHealthNews, Christopher Rimmer who is leading the LifeQ Commercial team said, the captured data will be stored in a secure cloud based server, which will function as an open platform allowing customers to access their information when and where they want it.

Bolade Popoola Author

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