Building The Future, with Michael Ocansey: Using Technology to Manage 1000 Hectares of Farmland in Ghana
11th September 2017

On the podcast today, we have Michael Ocansey, the CTO and Co-Founder of AgroCenta. Agrocenta use tech to aggregate small holder farmers in rural farming communities, and give them access to market, capital and resources. Agrocenta will run one of the largest agriculture business in the country without owning a single farm land. Mike is a […]

Building the Future, with Shola Akinlade: How to build a big business by solving painful problems
4th September 2017

On the podcast today, we have the CEO and Co-Founder of Paystack, Shola Akinlade. Paystack is a payments processing company which lets businesses accept payments via debit card or money transfer on their websites or mobile apps. Paystack was the very first Nigerian company to get into YC – which is no small feat! Shola […]

Building the Future, with Ngozi Dozie: The paradox of focus for African entrepreneurs
28th August 2017

On this episode of Building the Future, we have Ngozi Dozie, cofounder at One Finance (OneFi). OneFi is a platform that provides access to finance by leveraging data and technology. One of their major products is Paylater, a lending mobile app which enable people to get access to short term loans in Nigeria as quickly […]

Building the Future – Episode 9, with Marek Zmyslowski
ecosystem, Podcast
21st August 2017

Our guest this week is Marek Zmyslowski. Marek is the cofounder of Jumia Travel (formerly Jovago) and HotelOga. HotelOga is a hotel management system which enables hotels in Africa to have their own booking engine, websites and customer relationship management system. Earlier this year, HotelOga merged with Savanna Sunrise, another travel and hospitality marketing company based in […]

Building the Future: Lessons learnt from attempting to build an ecommerce platform in Nigeria, with Deepankar Rustagi
Audio, ecosystem, Podcast, Podcast
14th August 2017

Deepankar Rustagi is the founder of Vconnect, an online business directory and local search engine in Nigeria. This episode is a lesson on how to get traction for your startup by focusing on one metric that matters.

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