Union Vibe Quiz is an app developed by Maliyo Games and supported by Union bank, a financial institution in Nigeria.

Union Bank, one of the oldest financial institutions in Nigeria, might not tick the box for cool and technological savviness but it appears to be making up for all these, with its attempt to attract a young generation of customers.

According to Hugo Obi of Maliyo Games, “Union Bank recently launched a new product for the youth market ‘Union Vibe’ and reached out to us to develop a game targeted at that demography. We came up with a concept we thought would work well with this group and a broader Nigerian market and executed on it for them.”

Union Vibe Quiz seeks to assess the players knowledge in subjects peculiar to Nigeria. The game requires a sound knowledge of the social, cultural and political aspects of the country.

Players can either play online or offline. Playing online will require access to your google information and of course data charges.

The game is divided into six categories, thereby making the game subject-specific. Users can choose one of these categories and answer the questions under the chosen subject. The various categories/ subjects include: Football, Food, Music, Nigerian movies (Nollywood), Political History and Fashion.

The quiz categories readily available are Football and Food, users will however need to get a good number of stars to unlock the other stages. Music, Nollywood and Political History require three, six and nine stars respectively; while Fashion requires twelve stars.
Playing the game is pretty straight forward. Users will choose a category and difficulty level, then answer questions with options lettered A to D. The player has a fixed timeframe to answer 30 questions. However, the timeframe varies depending on the difficulty level.
Easy has a 60 seconds timeframe, medium is 45 seconds while hard is 30 seconds.

The game is quite entertaining and will sure trigger some memories. It however appears that a Nigerian from the South Western region will fare better as a good number of questions I came across in the Food category are from the region.

Questions on Football, however, are not limited to the Nigerian experience but they are restricted to foreign football clubs known within the country.

A good time killer and after a few tries you’ll get familiar with the questions and the correct answers, then you might try beating the clock. However, I couldn’t beat the clock, so no stars for me and of course I couldn’t unlock the other stages.

The game’s about page contains information on opening a bank account with Union Bank, but maybe I would have opened one if it will unlock the other categories of the game.

Maliyo Games has previously created a Wema Bank-themed Facebook game, Sharp Sule, which created some sort of buzz for the financial institution.

Other corporate organizations are stepping up their approach to marketing, as a similar collaboration was struck by Anakle and another financial institution, Access Bank.

Since this is a “first experiment” by Union bank, it will be interesting to see just how well the game is embraced by the targeted demography and if it offers enough motivation for them to open an account with the bank.

Union Vibe Quiz is only available on Google Play Store.

Lulu Fadoju Author

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