Samsung Africa recently launched a Digital Village in Ghana, Africa as reported by ITNewsAfrica. The Digital Village located in the under-resourced area of Volo was put in place in other to give the Ghanaians access to ICT, Education and health services.

The Global Village has a solar powered Internet School that serves a total number of 24 students, a solar powered Tele-Medical Centre and a solar powered generator for the administrative buildings, office space and nearby communities with limited power supply.

According to Samsung, the Digital Village project will help overcome one of Africa’s biggest economic challenges – electrification. The Global Village will bridge the digital divide and serve as a platform for local business development and government service delivery.

Also, with time, Samsung is looking to make sure that the people of Volo take ownership and control of the Digital Village.

Samsung’s Solar-Powered Mobile Internet Schools initiative has been rolled out in other African countries, including Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. The initiative aims to reach over 500,000 learners.

Yemi Olutoye Author

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