The acquisition of the of the messaging app, Whatsapp, by Facebook in 2014 for a whooping $19 billion left mouths agape but the latest features on the multiplatform instant messaging app is definitely breaking boundaries.

Here are five new features that arrived on whatsapp this year that’s so cool:

1. Chat on PC

Don’t want to get caught during working hours messaging on your mobile phone? Whatsapp sure made this for you. Enough with the sales pitch, but not having to pick-up your phone every time you get a message definitely scales.


2.Spot a Cool Material Design

The new Whatsapp design spots more features seamlessly placed on the UI.  Besides other things, the design works in the “Options” icon on the green bar at the top of the page while the display pictures are now rounded. However, over-the-air updates are not still unavailable.

The new designs sure has its fans

and then again…

3.Make Voice Calls

After the wait and the not so simple steps to get the voice call feature activated on the app. The voice call feature finally rolled out and while I’m a fan, these guys aren’t so much.

Telcos are sure not having it,

Though it was initially limited to Android devices, iOS didn’t have to wait for too long.

4.Back Up Chat Logs to Google Drive

Whatsapp released a feature that allows you backup your chat log on Google drive. The feature allows you save and restore Whatsapp messages from your Google drive.

I’m yet to try it out, but Samir here sure thinks it’s indispensable

Samir’s gripe indicates that the backup option is not available on more recent upgrade to Whatsapp.

5.Report Spammers

Now, this here is a breakthrough. Okay, maybe that’s me being too excited, but the ability to block spammers on Whatsapp sure rocks.

Here’s the plan, when next you get a message that requires that you forward it to 10 people or face terrible consequences or when you receive unsolicited messages, you can report it as spam and have it blocked.


Lulu Fadoju Author

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