You are stuck in a bus. Or a car. In traffic. Maybe it’s a boring meeting you’d rather not be in. Or you’ve got a few minutes to kill in the loo. PHCN (or whatever they are called where you live) has turned off power, and you’re going to miss your favourite TV show. We know the feeling. We also know that it’s the perfect time to play a game on your phone. While Angry Birds, Temple Run and Subway Surf are great, we’ve made a list of games with a Nigerian flavour to help you pass the time.

1.The Billionaire’s Club

The Billionaire’s Club game aims to test how investment savvy the player is. The game presents players with typical expenditure and income opportunities and their decisions determines just how rich they become.

2.Chicken Escape

Developed by Chopup Studios, Chicken Escape is a time killer that creates a scenario where a player tries to save a flying chicken from getting captured and killed. The game features a leaderboard that allows a player view the high scores of other players .

3.Street Tinz

Street Tinz is a role-playing game that simulates starting up a small scale business. The player is given NGN50,000 ($251) in startup capital, and by taking smart business decisions, he is expected to make profit.

4.Highway Flee

Highway Flee is an endless runner developed by Thrivia Studios. Drawing on the love-hate relationship between commercial vehicle drivers and security operatives in Lagos, the objective of the game is to stay ahead of the police patrol vehicle.

5.Sambisa Assault

Sambisa Assault is a time killer and it draws copiously from the terror attacks in the Northern part of Nigeria. Sambisa forest is known to be the fortress of these terrorists within Nigeria and Sambisa Assault simply gets the player into the heart of the nerve-racking action.

6.Oya Run With Friends

Oya Run With Friends is a multiplayer game themed around the just concluded election in Nigeria. The platformer is a metaphor for the electoral race, with the game characters bearing resemblance to some of the contenders in the presidential election. If you like to see old geezers tearing up pavement, well…

7.Union Vibe Quiz

Union Vibe Quiz is a quiz game developed by Maliyo Games and it tests the player’s knowledge in different subjects and requires a player has a sound knowledge of the social, cultural and political scenes of Nigeria.

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