The whole scarcity of petroleum products bit in Nigeria is hitting hard. MTN and Airtel announced over the weekend that they may shut down their base stations (network services with it) if the situation does not improve, and we woke up to a similar news today; Etisalat tapped out too. Radio stations are also shutting transmission earlier than usual, as well as banks (GTBank and FirstBank) who now close shop at 1pm.

Meanwhile, a heartwarming a story; there is an accelerator in South Africa that is not taking equity in return for investment. Wowza! Check out these and other stories that made the rounds across Africa today.

Etisalat too...

But we saw it coming a mile away. Etisalat Nigeria will become the third telco to announce possible shutdown of network operations due to current scarcity of petroleum products in Nigeria.

South Africa-based Ignitor doesn’t care for equity

South Africa based startup accelerator, Ignitor is offering to invest in startups without seeking or accepting equity in return.

FCMB integrates Netpluspay into its payment options

Nigeria’s First City Monument Bank (FCMB) has integrated its e-payment service with NetplusPay.

There is a free one-year premium service on BambooSMS+ if you can help find bugs

BambooSMS+ is an Android and web application that backs up user’s text messages, calls and contacts on a server and allows them restore their data anytime.

Wanos networks is giving 5% equity for USD50,000 in investment

Wanos Networks is seeking ZAR 600,000 (USD 50,000) in funding and advice on business development as it looks to expand its operations and boost profits.

Nissan and BMW are ramping up electric vehicle charging infrastructure

Automobile manufacturers, Nissan and BMW have signed MOU to expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure across South Africa

Bozza is raising $800, 000 on Emerging Crowd

South African digital content marketplace, Bozza is partnering with London-based crowdfunding platform, Emerging Crowd to raise up to $800,000 for 14% equity.

Music Streaming service, MyMusic is launching this June

MyMusic is a commercial music download service that enables users download Nigerian music digital content legally and it features currently only as a web application on mobile and desktop.

Gearbox will begin hardware incubation programme in Kenya next month

Kenya-based non-profit organisation, Gearbox has announced it is kicking off its hardware incubation programme.

Featured on TechCabal:

It’s a phone, it’s a swiss army knife, it’s the nameless power bank phone

Have you noticed an odd bulge in people’s shorts around Accra? It’s not the new Samsung Galaxy S6 nor the iPhone 6 plus, it’s not a single action revolver either, it’s a ginormous feature phone, and everyone has it — everyone in Accra that is.

Uregista is this close to being Typeform

Although made in Lagos, Uregista’s form building platform seems like it can keep up with the best of them.

Photoshop is not indispensable, these 8 apps make sure of that

What if there were a photo-editing and image-manipulation softwares that could serve your specific graphic design needs without a degree in Rocket science or you having to rob a bank?

In case you missed it:

Airtel is the second telco to tap out in Nigeria’s fuel scarcity crisis

First it was MTN Nigeria. Now Airtel Nigeria is basically telling its customers that they are running out of fuel and that the network is already taking a hit.

MTN warns that diesel shortage could soon jeopardize network services

MTN Nigeria has warned that the ongoing fuel scarcity in the country could hamper service delivery.

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