All Against Ebola

The Spanish arm of Doctors Without Borders is partnering with Ebola Alert, a Nigerian Ebola prevention and response service, to test its Ebola web and mobile game app.

The App, All Against Ebola, is a game that follows a storyboard and aims to communicate prevention practices to players. The games simulates occurrences and instructs users on how to stay healthy in such situations.

The game is in three progressive stages with the player starting out as an Apprentice Player, to Intermediate and finally an Advanced Player.

“Our participation is based on our keen interest in the application of new and social media technologies for healthcare. We are therefore very interested in the feedback this test will yield as it is key to where we will be heading next with this intervention. This is timely and we urge all those who will participate in this test phase to see their participation as a gift to healthcare development,” says Dr. Lawal Bakare, the CEO of Ebola Alert.

The test which is targeted at urban communities that have experienced the outbreak of the disease within West Africa aims at gathering feedback on the user experience. Users are expected to be have an understanding of gaming, the technology around it and Ebola itself, in order to give a proper appraisal.

To take part in the beta testing of the App, check out the All Against Ebola website.

Lulu Fadoju Author

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