We’ve seen what happens when Nollywood tries to copy popular Hollywood plots. We’ll spare you the horror.

But something entirely different happens when Nigerian Photoshop meets Hollywood movie art. You get Nigerian movie spoof posters. Sometimes it is actually brilliant. But it is almost always hilarious.

The spoof posters are created by a group of part-time graphic artistes from Nigerian Movie Spoof, an annual contest of parody and spoof designs.

Leslie Williams, NMS’ frontman told TechCabal that it all started merely as a fun challenge, before it evolved into a way to get the Nigerian movie industry to make better movies.

And now, here are 11 Hollywood movies hilariously re-imagined by Nigerian Photoshop. For Nigerians who’ll probably be the only ones that will get the jokes.



Know now that Odin has a third son. His name is Shango.

King Kong

If this doesn’t get you to the movies, nothing will. Give it to the casting director here, I don’t quite imagine a better casting. I dare Sarah Finn to top this.

Phone Swap

It’s also fair to turn the table on these Hollywood big shooters.


I have four words. Who is laughing now?

The Avengers

Just fitting. I always knew something don’t quite square up with the fresh-faced Korede Bello. This explains it all. He is the super-maven from the past that will remain fresh-faced for ever, and ever.



Fantastic Four

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

Prince of Persia

The Godfather

The Punisher

For more spoof posters, go here.

Image(s) via: NMS

Gbenga Onalaja Author

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