You are reading Factsheet, our series of specific guides on experiencing and using technology platforms in Africa. Whether you are looking for knowledge on getting your African film on Netflix, raising a seed round or finishing an online design course, we are covering all that. — At a spacious car park within Abuja’s Transcorp Hilton […]

All things being equal, filmmaker Kenneth Gyang would have been about in Plateau, Jos, in the Middle Belt of Nigeria making a film on conflict resolution for an international non-governmental organisation.  “We had advanced  discussions about production and then everything had to be put on hold,” Gyang tells TechCabal. Even with the lockdown, which came […]

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26th June 2015

We’ve seen what happens when Nollywood tries to copy popular Hollywood plots; Horror. But something entirely different happens when Nigerian photoshop meets Hollywood movie art. You get Nigerian movie spoof posters.

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