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American e-commerce and cloud computing company, Amazon, has opened a new office in Johannesburg, South Africa for its cloud-computing services, Amazon Web Services (AWS).  

Amazon said that the office for AWS will support various organizations, including startups, according to a IT News Africa report.

The new office will be an addition to Amazon’s existing Development Centre in Cape Town from where it had been operating in South Africa for the last ten years.

“The new Johannesburg office has been launched in order to support our growing customer base,” said Attila Narin, Head of Solutions Architecture and Business Development, AWS, “Additionally, the office will support various organisations, including start-ups as they make the transition to AWS cloud services.”

Amazon will be hiring new intakes, over the span of 12 months, to fill highly skilled technical roles in its new office, which will be within Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Steve Midgley, head of EMEA, AWS stated that through the hiring of skilled staff, they intend to speed up the growth of their  cloud customers in Africa and around the globe.

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