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The last post featured three priceless apps which are very useful for getting around, managing time and getting the best out of an iOS device; Musixmatch, Moment and Datacare. Continuing in the same vein, I introduce to thee:

Tsaboin Traffic Talk


Tsaboin is a great indigenous app for the Lagos millennial on the move. It provides real-time updates on the traffic situations in Lagos around major transit routes, key intersections and bridges. Of all the new age apps for navigation, I haven’t seen anyone as comprehensive as Tsaboin.

The app provides users with the opportunity to post traffic updates using location services and live cams to verify said updates.

Picture and social media updates verification

The feature I like the most are the live cams. Just one look at the traffic situation and I’m able to decide whether that Island cruise is really worth it. The list of live cams is extensive and I can imagine those cameras being utilized by law-enforcement officials in the future. It also shows updates at major Lagos bus stops so the designers didn’t only have car owners, but all commuters in mind when they did this. A must have for your iPhone/iPad.

Parcel – Delivery Tracking


Anyone who has ordered items online especially from the EU and the UK is certainly familiar with that Parcel Anxiety Syndrome. (This affliction is worse if your order is not express delivery and must pass the dreaded NIPOST).

As its name implies, Parcel is an app designed for users who mostly buy items online (especially par avion). It works really well for those who receive shipment from multiple couriers.

The basic version allows you to track as many as three different shipments simultaneously and the paid version has an unlimited number of shipments that can be tracked. The major rub of this app is its ability to provide push notifications in a centralized hub, without the need for logging in to the courier’s website and sweating over a package when you don’t see any updates.

Say no to PAS (Parcel Anxiety Syndrome)

Knowing when your parcel will arrive allows you to reschedule deliveries or make alternate arrangements for pickup. The app’s efficiency allows for dispatches to be planned with ease in advance, especially when you’re trying to get that “advance”.

Editor’s note: Nanu Ugwu is an Executive Assistant at Pharmacare Support Group. Connect with him on linkedin or follow him on Twitter @nanu759.

Guest Author Nanu Ugwu


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