If you walked up to some ATM-style contraptions on the streets of Nairobi this evening, with your international Visa card hoping to get cash, you might be confronted with something maybe more beautiful; water. A Danish pump and water solution provider has developed a machine that dispenses clean water in Nairobi, ATM-style. And they have placed the at strategic locations across town. Why? Because clean water could be hard to come by up there. And really what’s cooler than water from Automated Water Dispensing Machines? (I totally just made this up – the name, not the invention – and the inventors are welcome to use it anytime. With full credit of course).

What else has been going on?

The sun is brighter at Dot Com Zambia today

Money came in the door. The Zambia-based ecommerce platform received $500,000 from venture finance and private equity firm, Kukula Capital and eVentures Africa Fund.

Huawei joins AU to make ICT reach farther in Africa

Huawei announce today that it will co-operate with AU in the areas of ICT development, infrastructure, mobile broadband, fixed broadband and other areas of ICT. The goal is to enhance Africa’s ICT capability and infrastructural development.

Even a bigger sun turns its face to Smile telecoms today

The 4G LTE broadband provider got a $365 million raise today. It was part equity investment and part debt financing. Smile has presence in Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda, and plans to expand to DR Congo with new cash injection.

If you school at OAU, RSUT or Futa, you can begin Ambassadorial gym sessions now  

Intel has announced its Student Partner Program, and only students from these schools can apply. At least for now.

CcHub announced its marketplace for developers today

The Techsquad. It is a team of technologists that can be contracted to work with local businesses in Nigeria. So, rather than go to elance to contract a ninja from Phillipines, CcHub is presenting the lineup of the best developers in Nigeria.

We saw live pictures of Nokia’s Android phone today

And it’s nothing like the joke that is the Nokia X. This is full ono submission to the Google borg. The live pictures show the phone with a 5″ 1080p touchscreen, the primary camera and the LED flash aligned vertically on the back, a thin chassis and what appears to be a unibody design

Featured on TechCabal:

The struggles of the Nigerian developer

Our guest writer, Adim Ofunne has a long running joke. “As a developer, all you need to change the world is a brain and a laptop,” he would tell his family and friends any chance he got . But he had some more learnings to experience. Learnings that would have him add one more line to this joke.

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Muzinda Hub develops free websites as part of global education campaign, calls for support – TechZim

Going to school shouldn’t be a luxury, but the reality is, it still is. That’s one of the many disappointing aspects of a world where technology has become ubiquitous and every other problem seems to have a digital solution.

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