Effective time management and quick access to data are vital factors for improving workplace productivity. And there are a few apps that can help with that. Some of these apps are free, some are not. Whichever way, they are sure to help you produce more results at work, whether you’re a freelancer or not


Available on: iOs, Android, Mac, Windows PC

Cost: Free

Pocket is an online bookmarking app that helps you save articles you’d like to read at a later time. It’s normal to come across articles on the web that interest you but are not very relevant to what you’re doing at the time. Instead of distracting yourself or slowing down your computer and loading your browser with tabs, Pocket will help you avoid this.

Simply use the app to bookmark these pages so you can focus on what’s more important.


Available on: iOs, Mac

Cost: $2.99

Carrot is a to do app with a personality. The AI app helps you get things done in a fun way.

When you set tasks with Carrot, you are constantly reminded at strategic times to complete them.  If you don’t, you get this message: “Greetings lazy human…”. There’s also a voice option so you can hear its vocal jabs.

Apart from work assistance, Carrot also helps with music, weather and dating.


Available on: iOs, Android, Mac

Cost: Free

Mailbox is an app that helps you manage your emails. One thing people don’t like is having a crowded email inbox. This app helps you sort this out.

By simply swiping left or right, and for differing time frames, the app will delete, archive or defer your emails. This way, you can put each email where it belongs, while preserving the sanity of your inbox. With time, Mailbox notices your swiping habits and snoozes to automate the common actions, giving you less to worry about in the process.


Available on: iOs, Android, Mac, Windows PC

Cost: Operates a freemium model. Click here for more details.

Social media has become an important part of work. It gives us access to real time news and sometimes relevant information. It also helps us reach out to colleagues, clients and customers across cyberspace.But it can also be quite distracting.

Buffer helps you schedule all your social media posts for a desired period of time. This way you spend less time on social media and more time working.


Available on: iOs

Cost: Free

This is a visual notebook app for iPad. It let’s you draw your ideas and create other visual representations of it. Goodbye to sketching on several sheets of paper and misplacing them eventually. Once you’re done drawing/sketching your idea, you can export the file in JPEG or PDF format.

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