It’s the last week in the month of October, 2015. It’s also a Monday and the Cabal was in full philosophical mode, pondering the really important questions: where do the best startup ideas come from? And what really matters in a smartphone’s camera? And why can only few coders really code? You get to find out today.

Win Or Lose, Launching A Startup Is A Good Investment

There are several things to be gained from attempting to lauch your own business. Armed with hopes of world domination, it’s only a matter of time before you start reaping the benefits, if not in cash, in every other way.

Where The Best Startup Ideas Come From

They say we think more than 80,000 thoughts per day. Many of those include light ephemeral thoughts and others; weighty like whether or not to buy the iPad Pro or the Surface Book. In this maelstrom of thoughts, where is the space for new ideas?

What Really Matters In A Smartphone’s Camera?

Last week, I reviewed the Tecno Phantom 5 with Ibukun. and was disappointed with the camera’s picture quality. If an iPhone with 8MP could take better pictures than a phone with 13MP, what then really matters in a smartphone’s camera?

Why Can So Few Coders…Code?

We desperately need a shift in our priority system, where actual skills are ranked higher than certificates, where people with actual code experience are hired over OCA & OCA holders

Co-Working Spaces For Startups In Lagos

Co-working spaces are a pretty big deal. For a small-time developer working on what could be his breakout concept, they are the most viable backbone there is.

Four Things That Would Help You Keep Your Job At A Startup

The (un)employment cycle can be a real backbreaker. If you currently have a good job, here’s how to ensure it stays that way.

The Potential Of The Never Eat Alone App

One of the biggest problems that big companies face today is isolation of employee groups caused by the departmental model. Never Eat Alone has the potential to solve this problem, and more.

Not covered by TechCabal

MTN Nigeria fined USD $5.2 billion by NCC   {IT News Africa}

According to a report via BBC News, MTN Nigeria has been fined USD $5.2 billion by Nigeria’s Communications Commission (NCC). The report revealed that MTN was fined for non-compliance with a deadline set out by the NCC to disconnect all non-registered sim cards.


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