It’s Friday, and the weekend begins. Today, we learned about a number of places you can get bitcoins in Africa. Also, why does the world need Edisons and Teslas? Find out all that, and more, on today’s roundup.

Where To Buy Bitcoin In Africa

If you’re in Africa, here are a few places where you could buy bitcoins and get started on using the Bitcoin currency and trading with it.

Why The World Needs Edisons And Teslas

Both Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla have contributed their quota to humanity’s progress, and both had their faults. But the world needed them, and still needs people like them.

A Map Of Tech Incubator Spaces In Africa

In Africa, there are exactly 117 incubation spaces according to the most recent World Bank data.

Where Do We Draw The Line? Innovation Vs. Invention

Has technological development reached a plateau, such that what we need now is more innovation than invention?

Four Nigerian Startup Founders Reveal Their Favorite Books

Here are 26 books that have positively influenced the lives of Mark Essien, Sim Shagaya, Somto Ifezue and Tayo Oviosu.

MyFRSC: This Traffic App Does Too Many Things Well

This app will save you from dodgy FRSC officials, but there are too many features to contend with.

Facebook Videos Get 8 Billion Views Per Day; So What?

Because those 8 billion views are not actually 8 billion people clicking play on videos.

Elsewhere around the web

Jovago Finally Steps Into Somalia Online Market (TechMoran) has signed up the first of Somali hotels to Africa’s leading online booking platform.

Village Capital, Gearbox announce 10 startups for hardware accelerator (Disrupt Africa)

Village Capital and Kenyan makerspace Gearbox have announced the 10 African startups that will take place in their Nairobi-based hardware accelerator, after which two companies will walk away with US$50,000 each in funding.

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