This is not your conventional traffic app. It doesn’t just share live traffic updates across the city. Instead, it wraps details of the Nigerian road transport regulator, Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) into one holder where a user can access information about the organization in one place.

The app combines features that allows users to call ambulance services, tow services, state – specific emergency lines, FRSC officials and also access the comprehensive listing of offences and penalties (fines) sanctioned by the FRSC. I can imagine all the places this would be useful. For one, it’ll save you from that dodgy FRSC recruit trying to squeeze out a N30,000 bribe from you for a N5,000 offence.

It’s interesting how most FRSC offences attract a fairly reasonable fee. Driving without your seatbelt on for instance would set you back N2000. It’s not unusual to see FRSC officials try to squeeze out N5,000 from you for the same offence.

I like this app.

However, there are too many features crammed into it. FRSC regulations, ambulance centers, tow truck services, real-time traffic updates via a native app (and live tweets), FRSC contact details, plate number registration details; all these are just too much to fit into one app. It currently handles these features decently, but half the time, I’m confused where to go to get what information.

Design is also still ways from decent, but you might want to look beyond that. The app was an NYSC community development project until a few months ago, according to the developer, Oyeleke Okiki.

The app currently updates state-specific information for Abia State, FCT and Lagos State. Okiki says he’ll be adding new features in the coming months.

Check out the app on Google Play store.

Photo Credit: Éole via Compfight cc

Gbenga Onalaja Author

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