Monument Valley, the puzzle-adventure game, is now available for free download on iOS and Android.

Andrew Webster of The Verge calls it “one of the most interesting, most beautiful mobile games ever released.” Since Monument Valley launched earlier this year, it has received a rave of positive reviews.

In the app’s description on the Apple App Store, there is no mention of a price. Usually the game sells for $3.99 and it has also been made available for free on Android though Amazon Underground. There has been no mention of how long the game will remain free. Andrew Webster reckons that the game’s developer, Ustwo, “getting hooked” and splashing their cash on the “$1.99 ‘Forgotten Shores’ expansion.”

One common complaint about the game is its length. People says it’s ten chapters are too short and could be completed in just three or four hours. This may be why Ustwo introduced the $1.99 expansion, which adds eight new chapters, and made the initial version free for some time.

Photo Credit: Ochre Jelly via Compfight cc

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