Pocket Presents, The African Network and The African Technology are organizing a seven-day tour of Silicon Valley for Nigerian startups. But there are only 20 slots available.

If you want to be part of the tour, you’ll need to indicate interest on the Pocket Presents website. For now, no payment is due but the whole trip will cost you $5,400, except you decide to buy extra stuff (you know, for your folks). The tour will commence on May 7, 2016 and end on May 13. Then participants will return home on May 14.

The essence of the trip is for you to meet with the technical teams at tech companies like Paypal, Uber, Facebook, Google, eBay, Stripe and Twitter, and learn from them. You will get to experience and understand new tech developments in Silicon Valley. You will also get a taste of what life is like in the San Francisco bay area where Silicon Valley is located.

The organizers says the cost of the seven-day trip is based on coach-class airline travel and a basic room at a San Francisco bay area hotel. During the trip, you get to visit Uber, Twitter, Google, Facebook, Paypal, Stripe, eBay, 4Info, Snapchat and Dropbox, in that order.

Photo Credit: Nouhailler via Compfight cc

David Adeleke Author

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