Uber Lagos is teaming up with Slum2School to bring joy into the lives of 10,000 disadvantaged children this Christmas.

Slum2School, a non-profit initiative focused on helping less-privileged kids, is running a campaign called ‘Christmas in a Box‘ for people to wrap up gifts for these kids. They are partnering with Uber Lagos and calling on you to show love to as many kids as possible by donating gift boxes. An Uber driver will come to your home or office to pick up your gift box and deliver it directly to Slum2School depots in Lagos for free.

The campaign will hold in Lagos on Thursday 17 and Friday 18 December.

Slum2School ChristmasInABOX (15)

Photo Credit: Slum2School

Here’s how it will go down:

1. Spread the word at your home or office, and collect items for your gift boxes.

The boxes should be wrapped and labelled. Here is a list of the approved items for the kids: toys, clothes, shoes, story books, lego, snacks, games, and kid-friendly non-perishable items.

2. Signup if you aren’t already an Uber user.

3. Open your Uber app on Thursday 17th and Friday 18th December between 10:00 – 16:00.

4. Select the ‘Slum2school’ vehicle option at the bottom of the screen.

5. Once you’re done, an Uber will arrive to pick up your gift box and drop off at Slum2school depots free of charge.

Uber Lagos says that you should keep in mind drivers can’t leave vehicles unattended, so you’ll have to carry your items out to meet the driver when they arrive.

Also, if you are unable to request a #Slum2school vehicle on both days, you can drop off your Christmas boxes on Saturday 19 December at Makoko Primary school, Yaba.

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