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Happy New Year 2016 to everyone. Always remember to stay aware and safe online this year, Here are 5 quick tips for everyone and anyone:

1) Be wary of ‘free-WiFi’ at key hotspot areas such as malls, parks and recreational centers. However if you can’t resist the urge and must connect to them, ensure you do not carry out sensitive activities such as financial transactions while connected.

2) Remain cautious about phishing emails, they still remain one of the easiest social engineering tricks used by ‘them’. Avoid clicking that link or replying that royal prince who just happens to want to help you (2016 miracle heh?!).

3) Always use strong passwords (remember ALPHANUMERIC?) & avoid sharing your passwords/pins with loved ones/colleagues (hopefully this doesn’t put a strain on your relationships).

4) Keep your antivirus/anti-malware tools updated at all times, even if it’s that ineffective product that came installed with the Operating System on your laptop.

5) Lastly, please do not use your smart TV to shop online. Most of these TVs were not designed with the security assurances to keep your personal details safe. I understand the item might look really attractive as you stare at it on your curved LED, but get on a PC/Mobile Phone to buy it if you must.

Happy New Year!

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared on Richard Uhunmwagho’s LinkedIn Page. Richard is the Manager, Technology Risk Advisory Services, BDO, and an IT Governance, Risk & Compliance Specialist.

Photo Credit: FutUndBeidl via Compfight cc

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