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Online Video On-demand service, Netflix announced at CES today, that the service will now be made available to around 130 countries, including Nigeria. This announcement is sure to cause ripples in the DSTV camp, as Nigerian consumers have continuously complained about arbitrary price hikes, and horrible service.

At $8 per month, we’ll be paying ~N2240 monthly, for the service.

Not bad, considering most of us currently dole out >14k to DSTV in the same period.

But wait.

Who’s going to pay for all that data?

This guy thinks he has it all figured out.

If only it was that simple.

The cheapest internet plan I’ve used is Spectranet’s 55GB Night and Weekend, at 9500, and at the highest quality setting, Netflix can consume as much as 3-7GB PER HOUR.

This means that even the most conservative of users will barely last a week with this plan and we all know how addictive Netflix content can be.

Especially if you happen to be chilling simultaneously

Especially if you happen to be chilling simultaneously

I guess we’ll have to use some of the lower quality settings (300MB per hour), and even at that, things can get very expensive, very fast, unless, like us at TechCabal, you have an unlimited data plan.

*Rubs hands in a Birman-esque manner*

*Rubs hands in a Birman-esque manner*

Well, that, or if Netflix strikes a fuel subsidy deal with one of the many ISPs in Nigeria. Unlikely, considering Netflix is a proponent of net neutrality.

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