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On the 2nd – 3rd of February, 2016, the 6th Remittance & MobileMoneyExpo will take place at Oriental Hotel, Lagos.

It will span all of 2 days, comprising of 10 sessions, managed by over 30 speakers, including payment moguls like Yves Eonnet (CEO, Tagattitude), Raymond Moodley (Executive Director, Redcloud Technologies), Jay Alabraba (Director, Business Dev. at Paga), Kemi Okusanya (Regional Director, Anglo-West Africa, Moneygram) amongst others.

The conference, which has been described as “the largest gathering of money transfer providers in Africa”, is expected to address challenges and opportunities in the African remittance market, enhancing regulatory frameworks that affect remittances, improving on identification systems for cash out efficiencies, lowering cost and improving efficiency at the last mile.

“Remittances from African migrants and diaspora play a significant role in supporting local health, education, food security and productive investment in commerce, agriculture and building projects across Africa. Despite the positive contributions, many of the benefits of remittance transfers are lost in intermediation as a result of high charges by the providers from the outbound countries which are above the global average.”

It will also address the role of postal network and non-bank financial institutions on expanding remittance services in Africa, the emerging role of digital remittances such as mobile money, online transfers and crypto-currencies in lowering remittance cost for Africans.

Interested participants can register here.


Photo Credit: Eric Hersman via Compfight cc

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