Multinational telecommunications firm Orange is launching The Entrepreneur Club, a space devoted to entrepreneurs in Africa and the Middle East.

The club, which has information in French and English, is intended to be a source of information and a forum for interaction, providing practical information and tools to small and medium-sized business owners.

This move is in line with Orange’s policy of corporate social responsibility.

Entrepreneurs will be able to find pertinent information on business in general, including the legal environment, how-to sheets, best practices, tips and video.

Additionally, the site will have contributions from journalists and lawyers experienced in enterprise and business contributing technical articles and practical advice, written in an easy-to-understand language.

Depending on the nature of their businesses, entrepreneurs have varied needs. Some need the support, hosting and coaching that incubators provide, others want to improve their payment options, and others may be looking for financing.

In response to this, the Entrepreneur Club offers access to Orange’s local business-to-business services, mobile money, technical assistance with getting online, and integrating Oranges telecommunications solutions into their businesses.

The Entrepreneur Club will also give experienced entrepreneurs from Africa and the Middle East an opportunity to talk about the problems they have encountered in their journey, and what they do to overcome them.

Orange also supports entrepreneurs with various competitions such as the Orange African Social Venture Prize, ideas sharing platform Imagine with Orange, and the Orange Partner programme.

Eric Mugendi Author

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